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If You Don't Shape Your Future... It Will Be Shaped For You

At Shaping the Future Podcast, we greatly value our loyal and subscribed listeners. They have a special name: Future Shapers.

We help them operate and thrive in the unpredictability of the business world.  With special credit to Eric Ries, author of The Startup Way, we're looking at these common concerns of most business owners:

  • Globalization & the rise of new global competitors.
  • Software is eating the world
  • Increasing speed of technological change & consumer preference.
  • The large number of new, potential, high growth competitors that are entering every industry.

At Shaping the Future Podcast, we hold to these beliefs:

  • It's imperative to actively shape one's personal and professional future. 
  •  America is at a tipping point so it's crucial to positively shape our nation's future.

We're all about having fun while providing quality content to Future Shapers.  This means that every show is fine tuned to get it just right. Our goal is two podcast interviews each week with leaders that are making an impact on the lives of others. This doesn't necessarily mean business owners but moms, heroes and whomever stands out as someone who took a risk and a chance and it worked.

Inspiration also comes from tragedy. We all need to know how to bounce back from an unexpected loss. We're not just after the awe inspiring stories, we're also after the heart-wrenching stories that will inspire and uplift our listeners.